Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tinfoil Engage

In a post I made on my birthday, The Year of the Metal Rabbit, I titled the post by coming up with what I initially thought was a random idea; This 'idea' was achieved simply by combining my Chinese zodiac animal with a play of words on the fact that I have a metal plate in my neck. 
The year of the rabbit became The Year of the Metal Rabbit.

A couple of nights ago I happened to be researching a bit about the zodiac rabbit (I knew relatively little about it up until then). Scrolling through the walls of text, I was getting bored with the supposedly definitive personality traits when something interesting caught my eye. Here's where it got a little strange. 

This'll make sense in a moment. Source

edit: Just found out how to use page breaks properly. Whoop whoop. BAM! PAGE BREAK!

Below is an excerpt from on a page that goes in to quite a bit of detail about the zodiac animals (text in bold is important)

"Rabbits and the Five Elements:  
Metal Rabbits – Years 1951 and 2011
Metal gives Rabbits more strength, resilience and determination. Metal Rabbits are  more intense in their actions, whether they’re work-related or romantic.
 Water Rabbits – Years 1903 and 1963  
Like the currents, Water Rabbits prefer to go with the flow, avoiding conflict at all costs, even in  situations that are bothersome. It’s easy to take advantage of Water Rabbits. They’re very  supportive of others.

- source:

As you can see, my thinking was not as original as I thought. That in itself is not much of a revelation, but then my mind started wandering down a quick side path. This meandering led me to the idea that perhaps; if all the various zodiac beliefs were to be layered together, they could culminate in an amalgamated theory of being able to plot generational cycles, of personality & character... Like how the current trend of cutting your hair like a Nazi is merely taking a point in history and emulating it, to update it for modern-day utilization. Maybe that would explain a few more life mysteries?

Could there be cycles of general-population mentality? Much in the same way that fashionable trends come and go, repeating themselves in these large circular motions, over and over?

So... back to the point of why I wrote this. What are the chances of this coincidence happening? Hear me out;

I know that the traits attributed by these zodiac(s) can be vague and therefore apply to a wide spectrum of people, but it seems eerie that:

  1. I have a metal plate in my neck, 
  2. I was born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the rabbit ('87), and 
  3. 2011 was the year of the metal rabbit, the same year I broke my neck.

Sound like psycho-babble? It's okay if you disagree. Maybe I'm not explaining it properly... either that or... nah, I can't be crazy. This makes slight sense dammit! 

Whatever the truth might be, I guess it wouldn't hurt to eat a bit more chow mein (?). Wink wink.
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