Friday, September 19, 2014

Hobby Lobby

I want to start making time for a few hobbies, plus sharing is (apparently) caring, so here's a project I'm currently busy with. Though not finished in any way, I though I'll share a sneak-peak just to give some insight in to the creative process. 

I managed to dig up a few pencil illustrations I did a good few years back. These are currently being "updated" for a more modern and finished look. Haven't used Photoshop in years so it was a good excuse to jump back on the wagon (lost my talents due in large part to my broken neck, among other factors).

Also, because of my life's rather sad but ultimately eventful course, it makes sense that I'd have a hero complex at the time I initially made these, which is pretty clear to see in the WIP that follows. 


(I feel like and am indeed a novice all over again, so any advice is welcome.)

Bat Soup

Original pencil (no tracing)

Black & white: (More organic than using a 'pen tool' to trace lines)

Shows layers of initial brush work.

A bit of level tweaking  and outline refinement.

These are just the first of many. Planning on making a complete album.

Original pencil with ink

Acrylic painting on canvas

Basic 'updated' version

Hope you like. More soon.

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