Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amazing Asininity

I need one 'o these. Image courtesy of Wiki

I've neglected my gaming hobby recently. Been grinding away at a few comics and my attempts at digital art (started a progress album here), not to mention real life. This has left me with little time for my interactive escapism habit. There's many a legitimate reason for slow updates but there's absolutely no reason for the type of mail I received yesterday (with regards to my Skyrim mod list). 

Now, I've received a few rather heated "requests" for my updates recently, but this one takes the cake for sheer bluntness. I've placed it after the break below. 

WARNING: NSFW (language)


Yeah... So this is one of the reasons I'm reluctant to put in the extra effort required to start making daily posts. A lot of imbeciles are simply too self-entitled and can't be sated despite your best efforts. This is why I feel taking my time and ensuring each post I make is worthwhile & thought-provoking (I try), is a much worthier endeavor than just spewing already-plentiful "LOL" content for the sake of ADD-addled zombies... (Did I say zombies? I meant peers.)

Never mind if real life gets in the way, oh no, I'll just break my back for scorned little chickenshits with severe coping mechanisms... AGAIN.

Getting to the point of producing more 'fulfilling' content (daily) is no easy task but I plan to try anyway, regardless of messages like thatYes, the most logical and constructive thing to do is push forward, ignoring the hate-mail and getting on with it. But that was one little gem I couldn't resist sharing. I know it's just some hormonal pot plant who doesn't understand common decency, never mind self-awareness, but that doesn't excuse the stupid aggression. This little sod with his asinine comment, in a festering metaphorical nutshell, is all that's wrong with the world. If it's a female it makes it ten times worse and a hundred times more terrifying. 

I know this is a short post but I really am quite preoccupied. My hope is that you'll see the work I'm currently busy with is well worth the wait. In the mean time, here's a gif of a leopard trying Marmite for the first time.

Courtesy of Reddit (/r/gifs). Source

On a separate note, I've been trying to get the formatting and design of my blog a bit more up to scratch. Also in the process of moving work over to a website, where I'll still be able to have a blog going but it enables me to take advantage of more web functions and interactivity. Should go without saying that my art, design & other hobbies fit much better on a fully-fledged site.

On another note, my next post will be a more serious one. Got a copyright thingamajig in the works and everything. Plus it's high time I shared a bit more drama.

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