Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Workaholic Wasp

Been real busy lately, here's some of the work I've been doing... mainly for free. (Although I did get gold for one of the images done for Reddit /r/picrequests, which entitles me to many added perks on that wonderful but emotionally-seesawed site/community). 

I'm not pointing it out so you'll have to guess which pic won me 12 months of dog food and free BackBlaze online hard drive backup. Some of the perks are pretty useful, some are redundant purely because I'm not American. I'll share the food if anyone's keen, especially since I don't have a dog.

Also, I'm starting the watermarking process, it seems too damn common for people to claim your work, never mind the fact Tom, Dick and Harriette are all turning to hacking and "doxxing" these days. 


Please don't steal my stuff. Thanks.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Get Rich or Die Trying

 Of all the things I've been through, I never thought the biggest thing I'd struggle with was being self-absorbed. This has become more and more apparent to me as the days roll by. This might just be yet another in the long list of inconvenient side-effects from my injury. I definitely have more information to process, what with errant nerve impulses and amnesia-inflicted muscles. But I think I've let that reasonable possibility expand in to something more dangerous; an excuse for withdrawal from the synapses of day-to-day activity.

Solitary refinement.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amazing Asininity

I need one 'o these. Image courtesy of Wiki

I've neglected my gaming hobby recently. Been grinding away at a few comics and my attempts at digital art (started a progress album here), not to mention real life. This has left me with little time for my interactive escapism habit. There's many a legitimate reason for slow updates but there's absolutely no reason for the type of mail I received yesterday (with regards to my Skyrim mod list). 

Now, I've received a few rather heated "requests" for my updates recently, but this one takes the cake for sheer bluntness. I've placed it after the break below. 

WARNING: NSFW (language)