Skyrim Mod List


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Over on Reddit I was asked for what's known as my mod list for the excellent RPG Skyrim. I'll be building my list here. Most people, when creating these lists, appear to categorize their mods by dividing them up in to generic commonalities (ie weather, weapons, armor, etc). I've however decided to make it one list, in the order that I've installed and added. This should make it easier for beginners and experienced modders alike. Let me know if the list suits you or not.

UPDATE: Made some hyperlinks for a few mods and added some descriptions. Still no comments though ._. 

UPDATE 2 (23/09/2014): Okay. More links. Over 500 views so I know you're reading this. Would be nice if I got some feedback here on my blog's home page. The PM messages are a bit difficult to manage. Plus there's always a few irate anonymous buggers.

TESV: Skyrim Mod List
(Keep in mind; Work in Progress)

  1. SKSE
  2. FNIS (instructions available on front page)
  3. Skyrim Uncapper (increases level cap)
  4. Quality World Map - With Roads
  5. iHud (allows you to toggle HUD elements)
  6. SkyUI
  7. Realistic Ragdoll Force (I chose "realistic force" option)
  8. No Twitching Dragon Death/No Spinning Death (compulsory IMO)
  9. XP32 skeleton (I use weapons on back version)
  10. Chesko's Wearable Lanterns (not necessary if you enjoy using a torch)
  11. Dual Sheathe Redux (read instructions, patches for weapon/armor mods incl.)
  12. Momo Acrobatic Jump
  13. Immersive Animations (choose your own specifics)
  14. ndh Animation Overhaul (WIPchoose your own specifics)
  15. Player Head-Tracking (WARNING; script-heavy)
  16. RaceMenu (makes drastic changes to character customization)
  17. Epic Races of Skyrim (more diverse racial differences
  18. Geonox Faces
  19. Improved Facial Animations for Male+Female
  20. Better Men - Beautiful Nudes & Faces (possibly includes Geonox Faces, won't conflict)
  21. Superior Lore-Friendly Hair
  22. Kijiko Hair for Males
  23. Body Mod (your preference: USP, CBBE, etc. Using Celestine UNP myself)
  24. Jump Higher (I use 175)
  25. Cover Khajiits
  26. Ethereal Elven Overhaul
  27. Apocalypse Spells
  28. Forgotten Magic
  29. Balanced Destruction Magic
  30. Even Better Quest Objectives
  31. Customizable Camera/Immersive FP/Enhanced Camera (your preference)
  32. More Perk Points
  33. Hearthfire
  34. Dawnguard
  35. Dragonborn
  36. USKP
  37. UHFP
  38. UDGP
  39. UDBP
  40. Wyrmstooth
  41. Undeath
  42. The Paarthurnax Dilemma
  43. Unofficial Patches
  44. Static Mesh Improvement Mod (incl. all fixes)
  45. Ruins Clutter Improved
  46. Better Dynamic Snow
  47. Skyrim HD2K
  48. Beauty of Skyrim - Caves & Mines
  49. Riften HQ
  50. HQ Towns & Villages
  51. Dragonborn Ultra HD
  52. Project Parallax
  53. Statues of Skyrim
  54. Skyrim Distance Overhau (still in beta IIRC)
  55. HD Enhanced Terrain Pro
  56. Ultimate HD Fire Effects
  57. Alternative Stars 4K/Enhanced Night Skyrim (your preference)
  58. Skyrim Immersive Creatures (+DLC packs)
  59. Enhanced Blood (+ Immersive Creatures & Combat Sounds patches)
  60. Immersive Soul Gems
  61. Revamped Exterior Fog
  62. Realistic Water Two (+DLC & Waves)
  63. Project Parallax Remastered
  64. EpisodeParallax
  65. Vivid Landscapes All-in-one
  66. Rustic Windows
  67. Trees HD
  68. Bigger Trees (I use smaller version)
  69. Lush Trees & Grass/Ultimate Lush (your preference)
  70. Realistic Pine Trees
  71. Alternative Snow
  72. Immersive Ice & Snow
  73. 4K Quality Snow HD
  74. Real Ice & Snow (I use Dark Azure option)
  75. Clear Refracting Icicle & Frost Atronach
  76. Extreme Watery Icicle
  77. Windfull Skyrim/Super Wind Overhaul
  78. Skyfalls & Skymills (All extras + compatibility patches)
  79. SkyBirds/ Birds & Flocks (one or both, no difference really)
  80. RaceMenu
  81. The Eyes of Beauty
  82. Dramatic Clouds
  83. Real Clouds (Not sure if keeping, apparently causes crashes after extended game-time)
  84. Splash of Rain (use "more opaque" option)
  85. Enhanced Wetness and Puddles
  86. Enhanced Lights & FX
  87. Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)
  88. Pure Weather/Climates of Tamriel (your preference)
  89. Vividian Extended Weathers
  90. Minty's Lightning Mod
  91. Immersive Skyrim Thunder
  92. Supreme Storms
  93. Downpour
  94. Wet Eyes
  95. Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
  96. Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
  97. Torch of Everlasting
  98. Spells Cast Light
  99. Ultimate HD Candle Flames
  100. Realistic Smoke & Embers
  101. Real Effect Candle
  102. Improved Combat Sounds
  103. Bow Sound
  104. Guard Dialogue Overhaul
  105. Dark Dungeons + Further Dark Dungeons (many ENB's include this)
  106. Grass & Ground Fixes (many ENB's include this)
  107. Seranaholic/Serana of Volkihar (your preference)
  108. Inconsequential NPC's
  109. Predator Vision
  110. Dance of Death - Ultimate Edition
  111. Unique Dragon Priest Masks (plus custom options)
  112. Contractor Armor
  113. Dark Nemesis Armor
  114. Heavy Armory
  115. OmegaRed Armor Compilation
  116. Amidianborn Book of Silence
  117. Immersive Armors (+NPC patch)
  118. Immersive Weapons
  119. HD Reflections for Armor
  120. Amulets & Rings
  121. Unique Uniques
  122. Enchanted Arsenal
  123. Animated Enchantments
  124. Cloaks of Skyrim (+DLC)
  125. Winter is Coming (more cloaks)
  126. Footprints (+ash for dragonborn)
  127. Immersive Loot
  128. More Interesting Loot
  129. Automatic Variants (use available AV packs)
  130. NPC Overhaul
  131. Dawn of Whiterun