Monday, October 11, 2010


I hate the flu. Swine flu, bird flu, cold flu and every other flu there is. All the coughing, the sore throat, the blocked nose, fever and whatever else just makes life so miserable. I can't even pick my nose! Would normally be satisfying to demolish the diamond mines of my nostrils, but now it's more like sticking my finger up a snails backside....bleak.

So that's the reason for my absence, poor sick ol' me. At the moment I still feel like crap, but it's monday so feeling crap is just normal.

Sticking with Monkey See Monkey Do (which I'm gonna start calling MSMD), the funny thing is that it is relatable to having the flu. Being a virus, influenza spreads by contact and sneezing and stuff (I'm no doctor but that's obvious), so therefore it is contagious. Where this relates to MSMD is how both use viral distribution methods. Both start somewhere relatively small and unnoticed, but as person after person begins to catch the virus (or craze, depending on the subject at the time), the exponential growth is accelerated, quickly becoming an epidemic (or fashion, again depending on context!).

So, do you think it's possible that fashion can be directly compared to a virus? They seem to work in the same way. The comparison is obviously not completely relatable, I mean it's not cool to get the flu, no matter how many people have it. So how come you won't want to get the flu but that new Justin Bieber  album (sorry haven't been commercial in awhile) makes you go weak at the knees?What's the difference? 

Public perception. Make someone like something enough and soon everyone will like it. Think about it this way; If you were able to get a brand new super slick Apple Mac with all the bells, whistles and vuvuzelas imaginable attached, and all you had to do was get the flu for a week, would you not want that flu?

I think I would...So does that make me a monkey!?
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