Thursday, December 23, 2010

Depressionism (trademark alert!)

Emo depression seems to be in the in-thing these days. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts feed over 70% of their patients anti-depressants, for problems ranging from clinical schizophrenia all the way through to Johnny-boy not getting enough ice cream as a kid.

Johnny-boy all grown up!
 This is all good and well if you can't face the world, or if hanging from your bedroom ceiling is better than making the best of what you have (which it never is), or even because your parents were helicopters (I'll explain that soon enough) but there just seems to be way too much false depression going around. Being sad used to be normal, a part of life one had to face and deal with, but not anymore. It has alot to do with younger generations being so heavily influenced by mass media. The sensationalisation and dramatisation which fills the programming schedules of today create an effect which has no existential body (meaning there is no tangible explanation), some kind of a mind-altering subliminal influencer if you will...I like to call it The Box of Deproness, or Depressionism, whichever tickles your fancy.

This phenomenon is illogical and therefore very dangerous, for what it does is it makes everyone believe that sadness (a NATURAL emotion) has become a treatable illness, that sadness and hardship is something we are not meant to face as human beings. The problem is that sadness and hardship (along with the other emotions) are what make us human in the first place. We are slowly becoming desensitized, losing our humanity and falling deeper into consumerism, for if sadness is cancelled out, then surely happiness becomes a mere state of being, if you understand what I mean!?

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Depressionism is part of the reason we fall for advertising. We have lost the reality of tangible satisfaction, the happiness that comes with being thankful for what we have, so we always want more. Happiness has literally become a shopping bag (still think retail therapy is harmless?).

What I'm trying to say is that we need to watch the world around us, be observant and realize that thinking outside the box is now more important than ever, because the box is no longer a box...It's been renovated, upgraded with glass facades and other pretty stuff like aircons and artificial grass and Google adverts, and now we dont even know its a box. Being in your own world now means being in Nike's world, or Adidas' or Reebok's or whatever. It's ok to be a sad panda you know, being sad makes us realize there are things we need to change. I for one know that fighting depression and attempting to absorb whatever life throws at you most definitely makes you a stronger person, and who knows you might be the next Abe Lincoln (who openly expressed his battle with depression).  

Now I understand why the Matrix was so damn awesome! The blue pill was an anti-depressant ;)

Talk about schizo

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