Friday, December 17, 2010


I never use this, maybe 'cos I like english too much who knows, but... O.M.G!
In real life soldiers are supposed to be honourable and precise, the ideal weapon of warfare. But I stumbled upon a video the other day featuring a routine operation run by Coalition Forces (America) in Iraq.

I have never seen anything or anyone more redneck, moronic and trigger-happy than the cowards piloting the attack helicopter featured in the video. Everyone's heard of the stories of misconduct during the occupation of Iraq, and thanks to Wikileaks the world is a more open and un-espionage-ish place, leaving no chances for abusers of power. You can check the vid here: (Be ready for some stupid, stupid violence.)You've been warned...

Commentating on redneck olympics doesn't really require much...commentating
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