Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Endings - Old Beginnings

Everybody knows how time flies, but you know what grinds my gears? Time is literally speeding up. Hustle and bustle are words that describe life now, not just a busy day. With the advent of social networks, news at your fingertips and media exchange on the fly, information is being transferred at rates unimaginable barely five years ago. Only now are we beginning to see the true meaning of exponential technological growth (just take a look at advances in robotics in the past year).

Is it a bird!? Is it a.. Nope! Time. -_-
Time is relative, so for example if we were twins we'd still look at time differently. My 1st birthday might be over in a heartbeat (excitement, heartbreak, happiness, who knows?), whereas yours might feel like it never ends, maybe because Tommy ate all your cake, or Johnny broke your new toys, or daddy wanted to play his "special game" again. You get the idea.

So, so special.
What I'm saying is that, yes I haven't posted in a year, but that year has seemed far shorter to me than what it might have to you. We're not in a competition, winning doesn't matter where time is concerned, and I'm not saying I'm any better than you, all I'm saying is that time is mine and time is yours, but it can almost never be ours. The special people in your life are the ones who see time like you do, who've shared similar experiences, whose play-speed is set at the same tempo as yours.
I've had more endings than I can count, and too many beginnings to mention. Maybe that explains my serial dating as a youngster. Merely an observation, before I hear how I was so mischievous when I was younger. Was that not the point of youth?
If you weren't even a little bit of a rebel, stop reading my words right now(yes, I own them) and get the hell away from my site before I burn your face, you waste of a life. Life is way too short.

Anyway, so here's the plan. I'm a bit of a fitness/sports/martial arts buff (just a tad), an avid gamer (I know right?), crazy about all forms of engaging and stimulating media, believe in knowledge being our salvation, obsessed with nothing in particular, generally good at anything I put my mind to, and basically trying to be the best all-rounder I can be. Trying your hardest to be good in as many situations as you possibly can is pretty much the best advice I can give. Not that I'm lecturing anyone, you make your own bed my friend, what I'm saying is that I've chosen to keep writing because who knows, I might just save a life one day, or a few, or maybe a Siberian tiger.

Soon my friend, soon...

I've said before that I'll blog when I blogging feel like it, so it's good to see I'm at least sticking to my word.
We might look at time differently, but we all look at death in the same way, so share mortality and love it for what it is... Life!

"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." - Abraham Lincoln