Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haibo Xiaobo!

Anybody realise how much craziness is going on? The world is a strange place...

Long walk to China?
Heard of Liu Xiaobo? Guess you figured he's the guy in the picture, he's got a very interesting story though. Won't go into too much detail (in case his "government" reads this and kills my whole family), but he's in prison for the next decade for "inciting subversion of state power", which basically means he challenged the 4-9 people who run the country, usually all older men who make all decisions of national importance (they own EVERYTHING, check it out here). What's important is that these people are the King Kongs of China (remember Monkey See Monkey Do?), so when Liu Xiaobo got the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, China basically cut itself off from the world. BBC and CNN were blacked out, sites were shut down, even Xiaobo's wife had her phone disconnected (Crazy! Could the ANC do this ever?)

Family killer! hehe

Eventually the news got out, with people as influential as Obama speaking out against the injustice of the situation. But China has some really stubborn old men, who use desperate propaganda, even going as far as reporting the Peace Prize to be some kind of Western trickery! What's worse is those innocent people unable to get information from anywhere else have no choice but to believe news reports like these (craycray!).

Like I said the world is a strange place. China and Liu Xiaobo's predicament (understatement alert) is the perfect example, helplessly ignorant monkeys following the silverback (that's the coolest gorilla), who decides who goes where when how and why! This is a micro example (micro, macro, critical terms I tell you) of how we're so easily influenced by the ones with the moola.

Which brings me to my latest thought, of how the world is one big ape kingdom, full of baboons, gorillas, orangutans, monkeys and all the other ones. Was thinking I could make some kind of a list with all the different species and how they relate to different "tribes" of people. Might be a bit stereo, but could just be really funny. Let me know what you think? I'll do it anyway but I'd love some comments...

Beg, borrow, fight and hustle for your freedom my Chinese compadre's!
Just don't steal...steal bad!
Bad Monkey!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I hate the flu. Swine flu, bird flu, cold flu and every other flu there is. All the coughing, the sore throat, the blocked nose, fever and whatever else just makes life so miserable. I can't even pick my nose! Would normally be satisfying to demolish the diamond mines of my nostrils, but now it's more like sticking my finger up a snails backside....bleak.

So that's the reason for my absence, poor sick ol' me. At the moment I still feel like crap, but it's monday so feeling crap is just normal.

Sticking with Monkey See Monkey Do (which I'm gonna start calling MSMD), the funny thing is that it is relatable to having the flu. Being a virus, influenza spreads by contact and sneezing and stuff (I'm no doctor but that's obvious), so therefore it is contagious. Where this relates to MSMD is how both use viral distribution methods. Both start somewhere relatively small and unnoticed, but as person after person begins to catch the virus (or craze, depending on the subject at the time), the exponential growth is accelerated, quickly becoming an epidemic (or fashion, again depending on context!).

So, do you think it's possible that fashion can be directly compared to a virus? They seem to work in the same way. The comparison is obviously not completely relatable, I mean it's not cool to get the flu, no matter how many people have it. So how come you won't want to get the flu but that new Justin Bieber  album (sorry haven't been commercial in awhile) makes you go weak at the knees?What's the difference? 

Public perception. Make someone like something enough and soon everyone will like it. Think about it this way; If you were able to get a brand new super slick Apple Mac with all the bells, whistles and vuvuzelas imaginable attached, and all you had to do was get the flu for a week, would you not want that flu?

I think I would...So does that make me a monkey!?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monkey See - Monkey Do

I took a long time going through the hundreds upon hundreds (crap, cliche) of cliche's we have these days (a full list of which can be found on my Cliche's page). While doing so I couldn't help but ponder (reminds me of Ponderland by Russel Brand, very funny and he's as crazy as a babboon on Ritalin) things like; Is everything old a cliche? Why a cliche and not a classic? Who gets to decide what's what?

Cliche's are quite the enigma if one has to actually think about it. Everybody tries to avoid using these dull and over-used expressions, but the problem is not how to avoid cliche's, it's realising that cliche's are only cliche's because we make them so. If that sounds confusing, what I'm trying to say is that we ourselves make the cliche's we love to hate, we create them within the fever of popular culture. Tom Courly (check out his blog at, a fellow student at Vega Cape Town, relates people to sheep, explaining how we as one complex group follow the trappings of commercialism blindly, oblivious to our materialistic addictions.

Ok that was my own version of his theory, but where I agree with what he says is the blindness we all have. Take Jack for example: Today Jack finds something which he feels is really cool. Then he shows his friend Peter, Peter in turn shows his friends, and so it goes until Jack's whole hometown thinks that this thing is cool and desirable. The town doesn't have to know it was Jack who found this thing first, that's irrelevant. What's important is what happens afterward. Once everybody in the town knows about this cool object or word or whatever, they don't care where it originated, only that everybody else likes it. This "herd" mentality is the root of the cliche. Once everybody in Jack's town knows about the special something, and once the novelty has inevitably worn off, the cool object is not so cool anymore, and thereafter becomes the proverbial cliche.

With this in mind, I chose the cliche Monkey see Monkey do. I think it's quite fitting for the state of our society, how everybody wants to be someone else's copycat, all us little monkeys, imitating and looking up to the great (and don't forget media-controlled) "King Kong" (just being metaphorical here, you can use another metaphor if the big guys make you uncomfortable), who if it weren't for the media would in our eyes still only be an oversized and very tense gorilla. "The Media" is the true power behind those immense hairy biceps. King Kong is merely a juxtaposed reality, a false desire created (yes, created) so that we see our world in a specific way, all so that we can be zombified (did I make that up?), pure mindless consumerism being the name of the game.

So it is we make for ourselves our own reality. A cliche is only a cliche because the novelty has worn off, or because what was once thought of as unique is eventually overkilled. To find a cliche is not hard, in fact you don't need to look very far at all. One of the biggest cliches like, ever? Love!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boob Job!

Ok so I've changed my layout and colours and theme and links and buttons and bars and everything so, even though this is quite a new and unknown blog, it's still mine. Therefore I will cherish it forever and always by maintaining its beauty, protecting the Cheese and publishing aoap (puzzle for the day!).

No really actually I'd like to know what people think so let me know if you happen to stumble upon my little blog and like it or hate it or whatever, let me know either way. I'm just
eeezy like that. (Lil' Wayne is playing, damn these impressionable fools!)

Bloggedy Blog?

Decided to make a new title for my page, the other one was a bit too cheesy. It's not that I don't like the name Timberwolf (anybody a gamer?), I mean robots with cool names controlled by mercenaries in turn controlled by you is ridiculously awesome, if you like games that is. I like games, but what I like more about games is the escapism. I could go on and on with games, so maybe I will, but not now. Soooon...

So back to the title! Not much to say really, actually had an epiphany earlier today, a vision where the name came to me in a cloud of golden dust, with beautiful blonde fairies dressed in white blowing the name Bloggedy Blog, lit up in blinding light, toward me, ever so slowly. I remember it was so strange because I could feel the urge to...sneeze! Then I woke up and realised my window was open, and I have real bad hayfever.

The name Bloggedy Blog wasn't really in my dream, but weird dream anyway though, mainly because I hardly ever dream, and the dream was such a cliche I wish I could've slapped my ethereal (don't know it look it up, dictionaries exist, I promise) slumbering self. My thinking is that all the cliches I've been researching for my copy brief (see last post) must have cliche'd my brain.

I see this as a major problem, all my critical thinking, years of rebellion and sarcasm being sabotaged in one go by my own hand. I know that sounds dramatic but what's life without the Drama! (Entourage is one great series for those escapists out there, if you like seeing what "living the dream" means to impressionable young minds these days). Think I'm gonna start putting any cliche's I come across in inverted commas. That along with listing all the cliche's I find the most interesting to corrupt should be enough to defend against the darkness of shallowness that now threatens my vulnerable heart of rebellion. (Sorry watched Ninja Assassin last night...awesome)

So anyway, cliche's... I'm coming for you. (seriously mean face)

Monday, October 4, 2010

In the beginning...

Starting this blog on the subject of cliches is very random, but asking why not has no answer, so why not. Yes, I am doing a Copywriting brief requiring the completion of a blog with the topic of cliches, but that means nothing when figuring out how to talk to you...the viewer.

Blogs are the new cell phones. The latest technological advancement in the field of social networking. They are the proverbial new craze, current trend, the new fashion. If forced to use cool and hip lingo (like a hipster), blogs are "zef"! If you don't know what that means exactly don't worry, 'cos neither do I..."zef" is just zef.
With that in mind it still takes a lot of motivation to be able to start up and, more importantly, maintain a blog which deals with issues relatable to and involving the people who read and comment on said blog. That motivation, along with finding a way of captivating your readers, is the sole reason most blogs never make it off the starting line (starting line would be a cliche).

So where do you start? Or rather, what do you start with?

Honestly, I haven't the faintest idea, but for a good enough reason. My reason is diversity. The internet is filled with dozens and dozens of different types of people, and this culture and opinion saturation means that the lines separating cultures, traditions and predispositions become more and more blurry as globalization becomes more and more applicable. What this saturation basically means is that anyone from anywhere can say something, and someone else somewhere else in the world will be able to relate, be it a Canadian, a German cannibal or Sparky the circus-freak.

So it's easy to see how some blogs are more successful than others, they simply deal with issues which are the most applicable and relative to the largest amount of people. Blogs are made to start a connection with other people, to find a common ground (another cliche) and share experiences. You might not be able to grasp the attention of the entire world (unless you burn a Bible or something), but you'll find like-minded people who like seeing what you have to say, and what could be better than that?

You know what they say... life's too short, so write a blog!