Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bloggedy Blog?

Decided to make a new title for my page, the other one was a bit too cheesy. It's not that I don't like the name Timberwolf (anybody a gamer?), I mean robots with cool names controlled by mercenaries in turn controlled by you is ridiculously awesome, if you like games that is. I like games, but what I like more about games is the escapism. I could go on and on with games, so maybe I will, but not now. Soooon...

So back to the title! Not much to say really, actually had an epiphany earlier today, a vision where the name came to me in a cloud of golden dust, with beautiful blonde fairies dressed in white blowing the name Bloggedy Blog, lit up in blinding light, toward me, ever so slowly. I remember it was so strange because I could feel the urge to...sneeze! Then I woke up and realised my window was open, and I have real bad hayfever.

The name Bloggedy Blog wasn't really in my dream, but weird dream anyway though, mainly because I hardly ever dream, and the dream was such a cliche I wish I could've slapped my ethereal (don't know it look it up, dictionaries exist, I promise) slumbering self. My thinking is that all the cliches I've been researching for my copy brief (see last post) must have cliche'd my brain.

I see this as a major problem, all my critical thinking, years of rebellion and sarcasm being sabotaged in one go by my own hand. I know that sounds dramatic but what's life without the Drama! (Entourage is one great series for those escapists out there, if you like seeing what "living the dream" means to impressionable young minds these days). Think I'm gonna start putting any cliche's I come across in inverted commas. That along with listing all the cliche's I find the most interesting to corrupt should be enough to defend against the darkness of shallowness that now threatens my vulnerable heart of rebellion. (Sorry watched Ninja Assassin last night...awesome)

So anyway, cliche's... I'm coming for you. (seriously mean face)
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