Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haibo Xiaobo!

Anybody realise how much craziness is going on? The world is a strange place...

Long walk to China?
Heard of Liu Xiaobo? Guess you figured he's the guy in the picture, he's got a very interesting story though. Won't go into too much detail (in case his "government" reads this and kills my whole family), but he's in prison for the next decade for "inciting subversion of state power", which basically means he challenged the 4-9 people who run the country, usually all older men who make all decisions of national importance (they own EVERYTHING, check it out here). What's important is that these people are the King Kongs of China (remember Monkey See Monkey Do?), so when Liu Xiaobo got the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, China basically cut itself off from the world. BBC and CNN were blacked out, sites were shut down, even Xiaobo's wife had her phone disconnected (Crazy! Could the ANC do this ever?)

Family killer! hehe

Eventually the news got out, with people as influential as Obama speaking out against the injustice of the situation. But China has some really stubborn old men, who use desperate propaganda, even going as far as reporting the Peace Prize to be some kind of Western trickery! What's worse is those innocent people unable to get information from anywhere else have no choice but to believe news reports like these (craycray!).

Like I said the world is a strange place. China and Liu Xiaobo's predicament (understatement alert) is the perfect example, helplessly ignorant monkeys following the silverback (that's the coolest gorilla), who decides who goes where when how and why! This is a micro example (micro, macro, critical terms I tell you) of how we're so easily influenced by the ones with the moola.

Which brings me to my latest thought, of how the world is one big ape kingdom, full of baboons, gorillas, orangutans, monkeys and all the other ones. Was thinking I could make some kind of a list with all the different species and how they relate to different "tribes" of people. Might be a bit stereo, but could just be really funny. Let me know what you think? I'll do it anyway but I'd love some comments...

Beg, borrow, fight and hustle for your freedom my Chinese compadre's!
Just don't steal...steal bad!
Bad Monkey!
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