Monday, October 4, 2010

In the beginning...

Starting this blog on the subject of cliches is very random, but asking why not has no answer, so why not. Yes, I am doing a Copywriting brief requiring the completion of a blog with the topic of cliches, but that means nothing when figuring out how to talk to you...the viewer.

Blogs are the new cell phones. The latest technological advancement in the field of social networking. They are the proverbial new craze, current trend, the new fashion. If forced to use cool and hip lingo (like a hipster), blogs are "zef"! If you don't know what that means exactly don't worry, 'cos neither do I..."zef" is just zef.
With that in mind it still takes a lot of motivation to be able to start up and, more importantly, maintain a blog which deals with issues relatable to and involving the people who read and comment on said blog. That motivation, along with finding a way of captivating your readers, is the sole reason most blogs never make it off the starting line (starting line would be a cliche).

So where do you start? Or rather, what do you start with?

Honestly, I haven't the faintest idea, but for a good enough reason. My reason is diversity. The internet is filled with dozens and dozens of different types of people, and this culture and opinion saturation means that the lines separating cultures, traditions and predispositions become more and more blurry as globalization becomes more and more applicable. What this saturation basically means is that anyone from anywhere can say something, and someone else somewhere else in the world will be able to relate, be it a Canadian, a German cannibal or Sparky the circus-freak.

So it's easy to see how some blogs are more successful than others, they simply deal with issues which are the most applicable and relative to the largest amount of people. Blogs are made to start a connection with other people, to find a common ground (another cliche) and share experiences. You might not be able to grasp the attention of the entire world (unless you burn a Bible or something), but you'll find like-minded people who like seeing what you have to say, and what could be better than that?

You know what they say... life's too short, so write a blog!
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