Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Workaholic Wasp

Been real busy lately, here's some of the work I've been doing... mainly for free. (Although I did get gold for one of the images done for Reddit /r/picrequests, which entitles me to many added perks on that wonderful but emotionally-seesawed site/community). 

I'm not pointing it out so you'll have to guess which pic won me 12 months of dog food and free BackBlaze online hard drive backup. Some of the perks are pretty useful, some are redundant purely because I'm not American. I'll share the food if anyone's keen, especially since I don't have a dog.

Also, I'm starting the watermarking process, it seems too damn common for people to claim your work, never mind the fact Tom, Dick and Harriette are all turning to hacking and "doxxing" these days. 


Please don't steal my stuff. Thanks.


Hope you enjoyed. Still busy with watermarks like I said, also still need to add descriptions for the images above. Come back soon and you'll probably find my next rant; starting to feel the itch of #Gamergate, among other things (such as political parties giving Parliament the finger and why it's weird when someone you know has a miscarriage...)

On second thought, might leave that last one out.
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