Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meandering Motivation

Lost in Skyrim

Two years gone by. Over two years in fact, filled with chapter after ridiculous chapter in a life that can only be described as an incessant bombardment of curve-balls and angry lemons, interspersed with the occasional silver lining to remind one of the worth of life. While I'm still not ready to share my "adversities", my life has settled well enough. So I thought I'd start a more unconventional self-development by doing something a bit different; below this picket fence of text lies a few screenshots from one of my all-time favorite games, the results of countless of hours of modding, tweaking, crashing and every other word you'd use for a phoenix analogy. 

Hopefully I can get some clear direction out of this weird ambition and make something worthwhile...

My idea is to try and emulate myself and my own journey through fantastical media. Either that or it's just an excuse to make shiny stuff that people like looking at. Either way, enjoy.

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